Kolos 2021 – PROGRAM

DAY 1 (Thursday 02.12.2021)
16:0016:10Opening Ceremony
Scientific Paper Session I.
Astronomical observatory on Kolonica Saddle, results of observations in 2020 and 2021. Papers based on data collected at AO Kolonica Saddle.
Chairman: Š. Parimucha
16:1016:30From Kolos to KolosIgor Kudzej
16:3016:50Annual report on observational results of the Astronomical Observatory at Kolonica SaddlePavol Dubovský
16:5017:10Photometry solution of selected EB systemsViktor Kudak
17:1017:30Study of selected eclipsing binary starsVitalii Breus
17:3017:50Unusual dwarf novae from minimum period to period gapElena Pavlenko
17:5018:10Study of airglow variationsSimon Mackovjak
18:1018:30Study of the fast variability of the radio galaxy 3C 84 (Perseus A) in radio and optical bandsMichail Ryabov
18:3019:00Coffee break
Scientific Paper Session II.
Variable star research part 1
Chairman: I. L. Andronov
19:0019:20Doubly eclipsing systemsJakub Kolář
19:2019:40Machine Learning and Eclipsing BinariesŠtefan Parimucha
19:4020:00ELISa: a new tool for modelling of eclipsing binariesMiroslav Fedurco
20:0020:20Slovak Virtual ObservatoryViktor Zabolotnii
20:2020:40XM78HT: Multicolour photometric study of the new WZ Sge type variableVladyslava Marsakova
DAY 2 (Friday 03.12.2021)
Scientific Paper Session II.
Variable star research part 2
Chairman: P. A. Dubovský
09:0009:20Statistically Optimal Phenomenological Modelling of Irregularly Spaced SignalsIvan L. Andronov
09:2009:40Lambda-Scalegram Analysis of Quasi-Periodic Oscillations. Long-Period VariablesLidiia L. Chinarova
09:4010:00ASASSN-16le: SU UMa-type star with long-lived superhumps?Oksana Antonyuk
10:0010:20UBVRI photometry of variable stars in Lviv AO: first coloured light after telescope AZT-14 modernizationAndrii Bilinskyi
10:2011:00Coffee break
Scientific Paper Session III.
Other astrophysical areas, cosmology, nuclear physics, geophysics… part 1
Chairman: M. Ryabov
11:0011:20Photometrical Detection of the Rotational Periods of the Cores of CometsVladimír Bahýľ
11:2011:40Outburst activity of centaur 174P/EcheclusAnhelina Voitko
11:4012:00Supernova remnants near molecular cloudsVasyl Beshley
12:0015:00Lunch break
Scientific Paper Session III.
Other astrophysical areas, cosmology, nuclear physics, geophysics… part 2
Chairman: S. Mackovjak
15:0015:20Effective temperatures of the planetary nebulae nucleiMyroslav Kasheba
15:2015:40Test of the diagnostic methods for determination of the oxygen and nitrogen abundances in HII regions using precise photoionization modeling.Bohdan Melekh
15:4016:00A new method for testing ionisation correction factors (ICFs) used for the analysis of the nebular spectraAskold Vilkha
16:0016:20“Struve arc” as indicator of the space weather.Michail Ryabov
16:2016:40About the gravitational field in the vicinity of the SunOleksander Bazyey
16:4017:00On the patterns of the motion of components in jets of active galactic nuclei according to the VLBI monitoring data of the MOJAVE programDaniil Zabora
17:0017:30Coffee break
Scientific Paper Session IV.
Astrotourism and astronomical education in the Carpathian
region, dark sky parks
Chairman: I. Kudzej
17:3017:50New planetarium in NiepołomiceWaldemar Ogłoza
18:1018:30Model of brightness of light pollution of atmosphereYurii Semkiv
18:3020:00Astronomers in the world – Reports on astronomer’s traveling experiences
20:0020:10Closing ceremony